Moss Agate ring

N.L. McLaughlin

Round cut Moss Agate ring.

Each beautiful ring comes with a natural, round-faceted Moss Agate stone in a prong setting, with a beautiful nature-inspired vine filigree band. They are hand-crafted with love and care to make them special enough even to be given as an engagement ring.

Material: Platinum Vermeil, 14K Gold Vermeil, 14K Rose Gold Vermeil.
Solid 10k, 14k Gold, White Gold, Rose Gold.

Solid gold option available in any sizes, please leave your note or contact us, if you don’t see your size.

Size of stones: the Moss Agate stone is 7 mm.

Customer satisfaction guarantee: if you are not happy with your ring, we gladly accept returns. See our store refund policy for more information.

All of our jewelry is hypoallergenic, Lead free, and Nickel free.

Moss Agate has always been tied to nature and to new beginnings. It’s sometimes called the “Stone of Mother Nature,” representing her beauty and her power to persevere.

It’s a gemstone of new beginnings. The energy and properties that Moss Agate contains are said to facilitate new dawn! Like the growth process of plants shooting through the soil, it can help you rise from the deepest of lows so that you can shine bright and flourish.

Moss Agate is also a powerful stone for money and prosperity. Some would even go so far as to describe it as a totem of luck! It’s said to invite karmic positivity, allowing you to see success in everything that you do.


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